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Nathalie RdV

Mom, Baker, Blogger, Taste-maker

My name is Nathalie and I'm a Mom who loves to bake and cook. Growing up in France and Germany instilled in me a lifelong love of baking and fresh food.


I started baking fresh bread and pastries at age 11 and haven’t stopped since. Having followed the tradition of welcoming friends into their new home with salt and homemade bread, many of those friends asked me to teach them....


So what started as a hobby led to training with a French Master baker in Paris. I am passionate about homemade bread as there really is no comparison to commercially made bread. The reaction I get from my family and friends to my homemade bread and pastries is always positive and happy, a combination of delight, joy, comfort, and appreciation.


Homemade bread is a wonderful way to show love and care and friendship to the people close to you. I want to share this talent and knowledge with you, so that you and your family and friends can also experience the delight of delicious homemade bread.


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